Our Work Does Not End At a Product Launch

Once the project is launched, our work begins because developing a website, app or any other business project is not the only factor that guarantees success, post-launch strategies also play a major role. INGIC makes sure that it executes a perfect post-plan strategy that assures success.

Complete Post-Launch

Post-deployment activities matter a lot for a mobile app. Therefore, we constantly keep it on the front, and monitor it continuously to make sure it drives a successful result.

Project Development
and Management

Not many digital agencies manage, scale and support a project, once it's created, but INGIC does. Ever wondered why? Because for INGIC, its clients are like godsend so it makes sure to satiate their requirements by taking care of the post-launch activities.

Regular Updates
and Fixes

Change is the only constant that promises success. When we create apps, we ensure that they ARE upgraded to the latest version of iOS or Android, but if it is a website or portal, we make sure that it looks engaging and fresh.

Dedicated QA

Our experts utilize their in-depth domain knowledge of website, software and app testing to keep an eye on bugs and glitches. That being said, we ensure your project goes pitch perfect and incorporates the highest-standard quality at all times.

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